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This Is Why You Need An Interior Designer

Do I need an interior designer? The choice you make as you answer this question will definitely decide the fate of your home or where you work. Hiring an interior designer is something you should consider if you want the best for your home or office. Even if you are just trying to add some new spice to your old and boring work area, or you are trying to tackle the plethora of new design styles, hiring an interior designer will cure all the headache that comes with a professional touch.

So, what actually is interior design?

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

Truly, adding a different touch and appeal to the interior of a home or office doesn’t take more than a little creativity and the desire to try new things out. However, the question isn’t in making things look different, but making the whole setting unique.

The concept of interior and the job of an interior designer go beyond coloring, paint, and decoration. Interior designers have to be skillful enough to apply their knowledge in the development of construction plans, supervising occupancy loads, ensuring that every component of a building adheres to strict healthcare rules, and also coordination of professional services including- electrical wiring, mechanical, plumbing and life safety. The job of an interior designer is to make sure that people live safely in an environment that appeals to them.

Why do you really need an interior designer?

1. You Save money: This might sound strange. Of course, getting professional hands to fix your home or office is much more expensive than doing it yourself. However, look at it this way, hiring an interior designer will save you from the trouble of making very costly mistakes. So, you increase the value of your home, at the same time you build your rep and class, for just a small fee (there still interior designers who offer cheap, amazing services and support).

2. Professional Assessment: The very first thing an interior designer will do once given a job is to thoroughly assess the situation, taking into consideration the general setting of the building, your budget and preferences. This will not just ensure you get the best possible, but provide a solid plan of action, so you know what is necessary and what is not and most importantly how to spend your money.

3. Design With A Focus: Designs have themes, professional designs are defined by mood and purpose. A good designer understands this and will ensure that every item and idea in the plan sticks to the focus of the design. Without professional experience, it is very easy to use the wrong colors in the right places and place the right items in the wrong places. Be it kitchen, living area, bedroom, workplace, porch or any other place in your home or office, a skilled and professional interior designer can create a focused design as per the utility and architectural design of the space.

4. Effective budgeting and planning: When we talk budget, it is not all about money. Your time is important, your space is too. A professional interior designer will save you time and space. You probably will not need to stress yourself to do any research or look for materials and resources, he/she knows where to find them and what to do with them.

5. Make use of rarely available resources: There are things that are available to designers that are not available to just anyone. You may not even know the names of the material used to create that unique ribbon you saw in a movie, a professional designer is trained and schooled to understand you as you describe and imagine those things, he knows what you want and where to find it.

6. Avoid conflicting ideas and concepts: Imagine a home where all members have different ideas on what the general space should look like. Conflicting ideas that could hamper progress, here you really need an interior designer to listen to every party and draw up plans that appeal to everyone while blending all their ideas.

7. Liaison: A professional interior designer will help bridge the gap between your architect, construction engineer or carpenter. An interior designer working with an electrician will ensure that the right lighting components are installed and every wiring is done in a manner that sets the right foundation for an aesthetic design.

8. Ensure safety guidelines are adhered to: An informed designer understands safety rules and ensures that every aspect of the design is safe. Every item or object is placed in positions that will cause no harm to anyone.

9: You get the services of a trained eye: A designer is a professional with a trained eye that can automatically tell you if there is something wrong or right with a space. Having that immediate consult is a major advantage when making aesthetic decisions. It is the result of years of experience. You can try doing it yourself, but without this ability, you might get frustrated.

10. You can build an environment that appeals to taste: Do you have friends with high taste? Do you want to impress them? Do you want to live in an environment that breathes confidence, comfort, and serenity? Get a professional interior designer today.

11. Visual storytelling: Interior design is an art that will enhance the looks of your home, but professional interior design will tell you story visual. Professional designers will define who you are, what you love and your desires and also communicate these to any eye.

Getting an interior designer in Nigeria

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