Mati Cau Limited

Decorative & Scented Candles

Enjoy superb warmth and flavoured scents when you buy one of our scented candles. Perfect for any type of space: Sitting room, bedrooms, Kitchen, bathrooms, and offices. Apart from the aroma, it can also serve as decoration when placed in strategic positions.

Imported from Turkish and Italian leading luxury manufacturing companies, we’re sure to deliver nothing but quality. So feel free to browse through our collections to see what resonates with you, or contact our designers to help choose what will make sense in your space.

Blue Scented Candle

White Scented Candle

Coffee Scented Candle

Horizon Mum-Gold

Horizon Mum-Red

Red Love-Candle

Horizon Mum Set-Red

HM - White 6 Pack

HM - Purple 6 Pack

HM - Orange 6 Pack

HM - Green 6 Pack

HM-Apple 4sets

HM-Lavenda 4sets

HM-Red 4 sets

HM-Orange 4 sets

HM-Small Pink

HM-Small Red

HM-Small White

HM-Small Purple