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Decorative Candles


Candles are everyone’s favourite way of adding instant atmosphere to a home, creating a warm, inviting ambience or a sense of drama. Whether it’s a lone candelabra on the dining table, pillar candles on a candle plate or lanterns dotted around a garden, Mati C has candles and candle holders to suit every space and occasion.


Decorative Candles have the power to instantly transform the ambience of a room. Both practical and inviting, they offer a warming glow, which can be a welcome alternative to the bright harshness of a standard light bulb.

The benefits of decorative candles and the way they are displayed are unquestionable, they add a touch of colour, softness, style and class to each room. Do you like to unwind after a long day at work? Light some scented candles in the living room and relax on the sofa.

The bathroom is also a great place to set a scene with some tea lights. If you’re a romantic or just like hosting, a dining table can always benefit from a few candles, adding to the cosy atmosphere. Decorative candle holders double up as ornaments and will look great on any bookshelf or TV stand.


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