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Beautiful Portraits Of African Immigrant Lady


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Beautiful portrait photography of an immigrant African woman…..This beautiful, well crafted, and elegant African Immigrant lady art painting would go perfectly well with any furnishings in your home or office.

About This Art

This is a portrait of Chaila. She is 23 years old. She moved from Equatorial Guinea to Europe all by herself five years ago. Her youth was very tough. Moving away to the west was a brave decision but she now is excited about her future. She studies and works as a mannequin in Belgium. She loves to cook, dance and sing and dreams of becoming famous.

The portraits show dignity, strength, and beauty with the aim to remind viewers of the important contributions which Africans have made in European history.

Wall Art Details

This gorgeous and well crafted African immigrant lady art arrives ready to hang or stick on your home or office wall. Thousands of raving customers have already transformed their home and office walls with it.

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