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Interior Designers Vs Interior Decorators

Everything You Need To Know About The Difference Between Interior Designers And Interior Decorators

Interior designing is the art and science of understanding people’s lifestyle, behaviours and needs to create functional spaces within a building, While interior decorating is the furnishing of a space with fashionable and beautiful accessories and furniture.

Interior designers can also decorate, but interior decorators are not designers. The term interior designer and interior decorator are sometimes used synonymous, but each has its own job descriptions and functions. Designers study people’s needs and wants to create a space that is functional and structural, while Decorators creates aesthetic environment by furnishing spaces with furniture’s and accessories. An interior designer must at least have a diploma in interior design in Nigeria, in some countries you must obtain license to practice, but an interior decorator isn’t required to do so. Knowing the difference between an interior designer and interior decorators will help you make the best choice when seeking professional help there is a difference as highlighted above in the training each title holds. For example, using an interior designer who is also a contractor in designing your kitchen versus using just a contractor will tell a huge different, as the designer will have better aesthetic and beautiful creature design. Some curtain installer calls themselves an interior designer, and you can imagine the service a homeowner will get from such business.

Interior designers do decorate but they are capable of much more, such as reading blueprints, floor plans, space planning. They understand anthropometrics which is the science that is concerned with the study and movement of the human body, measurements and capabilities of the human body. It helps designers with measurements of humans, eye height, shoulder height, elbow height which decorators might not understand. Interior designer also finalise design plans that adhere to safety regulations and building codes in that locality.

Simply put, an interior designer creates interior either living or work spaces to accommodate people’s needs and wants which is secondary. An interior designer solves problem of structural living arrangements to create a functional space that enhances occupant’s quality of life. When you engage an interior designer, they will research, analyses and plan interior layouts to make them socially and aesthetically functional and appealing. They can also furnish and adorn spaces.

While an interior decorator does not create interior space, they embellish interior spaces that already exist. According to NCIDQ “Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things.

An interior decorator does not knock out walls or structurally change the layout of an interior space, they only use their skills to adorn a living space once an interior designer has made necessary structural changes. Now most interior designers are also interior decorators, so when looking to engage the services of one you should know what need you want. If you are looking to only adorn a living space without a structural change you can seek the services of a decorator, or an interior designer but if you are looking to make structural and functional changes seek the services of an interior designer.

An interior designer can also work on a project from start to finish, using computer aided design software’s like sketch up and building information modelling software for construction projects like Auto CAD, much like an architect. Now the question of which one to hire: The best person to hire for an interior design project depends largely on what the project involves. If you are building a new home, adding on a room or doing extensive remodelling, you will need the expertise and knowledge of an interior designer, who’s primary focus is on designing a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. You also have the opportunity of working with the designer for the decorating aspect too, so you don’t need to hire a decorator, as the designer can decorate too. But if you are planning a complete makeover of a living room or bedroom, you might be able to save money by hiring an interior decorator. A decorator can’t move walls, but he/she takes an outdated room and completely transforms it with new colours on walls, floors, furniture’s and light fixtures.

Advantages a professional can provide

If you are thinking to do your renovation yourself, you might want to consider the following advantages only a professional can provide.

  1. Professionals help to determine and work with a defined budget.
  2. Access to higher quality furnishing and finishing’s not available to the general public.
  3. Professionals can identify fake materials and fabrics.
  4. Designers and decorators get bulk buying discount due to long term relationship with supplier which will safe you time and money.
  5. Professional attention to details and long-established relationship with service providers such as painters, plumber and electrician can help you avoid costly mistake.
  6. You learn from their experience; the thing is experts do this everyday so they won’t let you make mistakes which they might have experienced in past projects.
  7. You are freed from the stress and confusion of not been experienced in that field.

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