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Interior Accent Walls Design For Your Space

Interior Accent Walls design, what is it and how can it improve your room/space?

It is an area or a wall in your space that catches your eyes once in that room. The Accent wall must be a wall you want to serve as a focal point.

Your living rooms can look so gorgeous just by simply adding an accent wall to your space. If you have a living room that appears simple and plain then all you need do is, add an accent wall in any corner, walkway, front or back of your sitting room and see the room transforming into a sweet room. Creating an accent wall in your room isn’t so difficult to attain provided you have professional guidance. While some accent walls can be created using bright and warm accent wall colours others may need you to approach a professional interior designer and decorator. You have unlimited paint, materials and surface options for your accent walls, even deciding which wall to use as a focal point is purely a personal decision or if confused a professional interior designer and decorator can suggest options. Bear in mind that your room is unique, so your accent wall should be as special. Let’s look at a few Accent wall ideas.

When deciding which Accent wall style to choose from, one should consider budget, how long you will stay in the space, the design style and overall colour scheme.

  • Painting Accent walls with bright and warm colours. You could also use Neutral colour like dark brown if you want only neutral colours in your space.
  • Red accent wall with inspired painting makes your space stimulating and exciting.
  • Living room Accent wall with geometric patterns using spotlights and board.
  • Accent wall with wallpaper. It is a gorgeous choice for accent walls. Look for wallpapers with pretty designs and colours for chic style.
  • Chalkboard accent wall
  • Stylist textured stone accent wall
  • Textured 3D panel accent wall
  • Wooden logs accent wall
  • Mirrored accent wall
  • Green plants & light accent wall
  • Wood accent wall etc.

THE DO’s and DON’Ts of an Accent wall.

DON’T be too scared to use cool colours like blue and purple or warm colours like orange and red hues for your accent wall, so long as you are working with a colour scheme when deciding your accent wall colour, you can choose colours that make you happy.

DO think outside the ordinary, be innovative and creative in your thinking when considering your new accent wall. You are not limited to simple picture frames or wall paint covering the wall. Think about other ways to use paint colour, wallpapers, inspired painting, 3D panels, chalkboard wall, green plants etc. Choose one tailored to your budget, there are so many great and beautiful accent wall styles to choose from.

DO consider an accent wall even when you want to keep your room or space as neutral as possible. Accent walls can work just as fine in a neutral colour, as in a warm or cool colour. The initial idea of an accent wall summons up visions of cool and warm colours like red and blue, but in a neutral colour scheme, a dark brown wall is just as dramatic.

DON’T forget that your accent wall can also be a gallery of photos or artwork or even a collection of African fabric on the way. The truth is that accent walls are the most flexible decorating secret weapon you can have. Have you ever considered stone, tile or extensive shelving for your accent wall? Especially for rooms that lack an architectural feature.

DO consider the colour on your other walls. Accent walls look best if they are abutting walls in a light to medium shade. Balance your bold accent wall colour with neutral colours on the other walls, your neutral walls can be grey, beige etc.

DO choose the right wall for your accent in your rooms. Rooms without an architectural feature will benefit from an accent wall. A wall with windows can also be your accent wall but be mindful that dark accent wall colour with windows can create a bright light effect and overwhelm the room. At Mati cau limited we work with you to create & actualize your dream space making it functional all tailored to your budget and comfort.

DO consider the psychological effects of colours before choosing a colour for your accent wall. Using the colour red for your accent wall can create a big impact on the space as it will stimulate excitment. Orange can be just as stimulating as the red but less aggressive. Green is the colour of balance; it makes us feel at ease as there is less chance of a drought.

At Mati Cau Limited, we do all the thinking, after considering your desire for your space and offer you wonderful solutions that leaves you happy and with less worries. Contact us today or give us a call for your interior jobs.

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