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How To Start A Kitchen Design Or Remodeling

Looking to embark on a kitchen remodeling or renovation, here are a few steps you can follow once you are ready to spark up your kitchen.

  1. You should ponder about what you need in your kitchen renovation and new design: Here, you figure out what you will be using your kitchen for. I mean like, you need to get a kitchen design that fits existing floor plan and electrical feature and at the same time fit your lifestyle. For example, if your kids have breakfast in the kitchen before leaving for school, you might want to consider a design with a mini dinning. And if not, some other design without a mini dinning would do. Most times if the existing footprint of your kitchen does no longer fit your new lifestyle you might want to consider re-positioning some features or changing the kitchen plan.
  2. The next stage will be gathering photos of kitchens with features that suits your new lifestyle. You can get pictures from google by typing images of different trending kitchen design styles,, etc. You might want to create a folder for kitchen images just so you have things organised. You shouldn’t have photos littered around your gallery.
  3. Research and Plan stage: Here, you should formulate the scope of work and figure out your budget. You must keep at the back of your mind that your budget and scope can change, so don’t think you have only one chance at it. Budget and scope work hand in hand and mostly change many times during the design process as you become more enlightened and able to reconcile what you need and can afford. As a homeowner looking to renovate her kitchen, you are not expected to walk into this with full knowledge of what it costs or know what it takes to design your kitchen. Remember it is a learning process and you will come out of it victorious and excited.
  4. Find the professional you will need: Except you are going to be building your kitchen cabinet during your layout plan, your own plumbing and electrical, you will need a professional to work with you. The thing is there are people who have spent years in school or years of experience acquiring skills in this field, remember you are a homeowner, working with a professional to guide you in achieving your dream space will always leave you happy and grateful. Mati cau limited offers a list of design & renovation or remodeling services. You can contact us here. We are a young company but very passionate about creating beautiful designs. We can help you with space planning, budgets, choosing finishes and fixtures, market survey, shopping/order chosen products and manage and supervise your project from start to finish.
  5. Choosing a design: This stage will include sketch drawings, floor plans, space planning showing the layout of the kitchen and the sizes of the cabinet. Keep your focus much more on the floor layout and space planning stage. Don’t be tempted to go straight to the kitchen’s look, so you don’t get distracted from the space planning phase; this is because you need a plan to figure out what materials will be going where and how many square meters you will be needing and ultimately how much it will cost you. At Mati cau limited we work you through all stages, we particularly enjoy working with house owners who are willing to take their time to go through the interview process early; and get a preliminary drawing and scope of work before getting the kitchen look. This helps us create the perfect dream space; however, we got you covered still if you don’t have the time.
  6. Chose fixture, fittings and finishes; You must have saved lots of pictures on the fittings, wall finishes, floor finishes, electrical features and kitchen design style you want. Whether it’s a classic, traditional or a modern design; you may probably now know if you want a white kitchen, brown or some other colour. And if you are working with an interior designer or a contractor, he/she would have gathered all designs and fixtures finished in a concept presentation for you to choose. Now you will need to make your final selection of designs, fixtures and finishes. This includes:
    • Cabinetry type, door type, hardware type, finish and colour.
    • Counter-top typical; whether you will use granite, maple, wood etc)
    • Refrigerators, microwave, oven & other appliances
    • Sinks
    • Faucets
    • Light fixtures & switches
    • Floor finishing
    • Wall finishing & Back splash
    • Kitchen Accessories
  1. Design Development & Contract Document: This stage you will finalise the design, floor plans, elevations and all other details. It is pertinent to have all finishes and fixtures selected at this stage as this is what will be consider as final pricing. It is from the cost of what you have chosen that will determine the final pricing in the next stage.
  2. Get an interior designer/ contractor Quotes: If you don’t have a certified interior designer or a contractor on your project at this stage, you should get one at this stage, to carry the project to the end. I recommend you get at least two interior designers quote, mind you also must consider experience or qualification, so you don’t end up picking a cheap quote and not getting what you want. Also do a preliminary walk through with the contractor or interior designer once the floor plan and 3D visuals are done so you can find out if you’re on track or need to pull back to fix your budget or needs.
  3. The execution: Finally, the big day is here. Now it is time to get the tap rolling and plan on cleaning out the cabinets, putting what you don’t need away, if you will be living in the house during construction, you might want to set up a temporary kitchen. Preparing and organizing yourself will save your sanity. If you are moving out of your house temporally, also make sure to close all other doors and keep your properties safe, make sure to inform your security guards to keep watch. Discuss logistics ahead of time with your interior designer or contractor, when to meet for updates, if you will be living in the house, then you have to consider discussing family allergies, disposal of debris and dust, if you need to leave the house during cutting of wood because of noise, the truth is, getting all this sorted beforehand can make the ride smooth.
  4. Get through check list: Once the construction is over or almost over, you should go over time checklist and be sure everything in the list have been done and in order, although most interior designers will go over this with you, just in case they don’t you should do that. All change and additions should be documented. When embarking on a remodeling project, you must prepare yourself and have an open attitude. Prepare yourself for multiple visits, so you don’t get worked up. We at Mati cau limited approach remodeling with our core value FACCT (Finesse. Attention to details. Creativity. Customer satisfaction. Timeliness). We love to work with you to create that dream space of yours.

Many homeowners think that designing or renovating a kitchen is all about choosing appliances, flooring, cabinet finishes, counter-top, faucets and lighting. But this is not only the case, it involves space planning and usually you shouldn’t worry about the aesthetics until the space planning is completed. It is important to deal with the space planning part of your kitchen designing first in other not to get distracted as having to choose from the number of options and the space planning all at the same time can be overwhelming.

For most homeowners choosing a kitchen fixtures and finishes is like being a child in a toy store, they like every toy and can’t concentrate on what is right for the overall aesthetic, for others, it is exhausting. They get so worried about pricing the wrong fixtures that they end up not focusing on other important aspect of the project.

Although I will start a kitchen renovation or design with inspiring photos to get an overall idea of what my client needs or wants their kitchen to look like, I try to keep most of those until after the preliminary plans are completed.

Most homeowners are usually in a hurry, I advise you take your time, its all about you and creating your dream space, taking time to finalise plans & finishes will leave you fulfilled after the project is completed. It’s important to trust your interior designer as he/she has undergone training and have experience, listen to them, they know what stage to select appliance and sinks, when to choose your lighting fixtures etc. Hope you find this helpful.

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