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How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells In Your Home

“Help! my house stinks!”. How many times have you walked into your home after a real long day at work, exhausted, you yearn to breath in that warm scent from your beloved home. You walk in, the windows are closed, the air is still and thick because every ventilation hole was blocked for hours, and then the odor hits you.

At first you just can’t explain it. You mind tells you it is similar to rotten vegetables, later you think its rotten fruits. Your mind is reeling, the odor is serious, your silently thanking your stars that you didn’t bring home a friend or a colleague from work. You rush, grab the garbage and you take it out. You clean off the table, wipe chairs. The odor is no longer  their. You inhale several times. Satisfied, you go to the kitchen to get something warm. Th next day, at about the same time, you are back home and guess… yes the odor is back there to welcome you. Hose odors are as bad as they get and they can be deceptive.

Does your house smell as good as it looks? Whilst the interior may look welcoming, house smells are enough to make even the most gorgeous of homes unappealing. When a new smell comes into our homes, it is hard not to notice. Some new smells are welcome, like freshly baked pastries, or some hot dish. Some odors are just annoying and you would want to avoid the at any cost.

When you are faced with a lingering, mysterious odor, what are your options? How do you know which smells should cause concern and which can simply be fixed with a quick cleaning? Household odors are pretty common, and it’s not necessarily caused by uncleanliness. During the changing seasons, the humidity, lack of aeration and heating can quickly cause rooms to become stuffy or develop a musty smell. Not to mention our pets, who can bring all sorts of weird smells into our homes. I forgot to mention, kids too. However, if it is a constant odor, find out if….

That odor is dangerous.

Some smells may not only cause your nostrils some discomfort, they may signify that something is wrong somewhere. Consider the nature of the odor and try to find out if it implies a health hazard. Take for example a gas leak. If your home constantly smells like rotten egg, or sulfur, and you are sure it is not from rotten egg dumped in the trash, check your gas. Perhaps the burner valve is slightly open, or an off pilot light. No big deal, you could easily handle this. If it happens to be from a leaking cylinder. To be safe, take the cylinder outside. What of…

A burning smell.

This could be the sign of an electrical fire, or burning electric wires. Whichever is the case, it is dangerous to not resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Call an electrician to check all the wiring in the house for short circuiting and surges.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide may be odorless, but it is far from harmless . Watch out for ‘smoking generator sets’, they are the main culprits. You may not notice symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning before they become severe, but symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Confusion

Did you know? Severe carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to loss of consciousness and even death.

The best way to protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide is to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. These detectors are available at most hardware stores. You should install one on each floor of your house and check them regularly for functionality according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Other Types Of Smells

Once you have thoroughly verified  that the odor isn’t something that would kill or cause someone serious harm. Figure out the source. Remember, it could be from just anywhere. It could be from a damp spot on a rug, a wet rag or any other thing.

1. Musty Smells

Musty smells are usually caused by damp clothing or fabric of any kind. Check your rug thoroughly, usually a rug will stink if water is spilled on it and it wasn’t dried or aired properly. Make sure you properly dry your rugs, curtains, drapes when they are wet. Musty smells could come from cushions to. You can take the cushion or rug out to dry it under the sun. If you decide  dry it in-house, make sure the room is always well ventilated.

2. Sewage Odors

Sometimes, you may notice an odd sewage smell coming from the toilet, bathroom or sink. This usually happens when the drain pipe is too dry, there would be nothing to stop the smell from wafting up through the pipe. You can fix this by running water through the pipe to make it wet, you can also toss a few pieces of camphor through the pipe. If the problem persists, call a plumber or you might need to completely drain or de-sludge the sewer.

Solving any other kind of bad odor

1. Use the refrigerator:

Nothing beats the smell of some well-cooked food, but what happens if the food is all fish, leftovers, onions? Conceal these odors by wrapping these food items carefully in well sealed lids. A refrigerator will help you control rogue smell.

2. Regularly clean your kitchen flour

Spilled fish oil, eggs, sauce, could decompose easily from bacterial activity. Clean your kitchen flour regularly. It helps, when the odor cs you know it won’t be from the floor because it is already clean.

3. Don’t leave dirty dishes

No argument here. Dirty dishes stink. Next time you notice that odor, check all dishes to make sure it isn’t coming from dirty plates, pots and pans.

4. Clean dirty curtains

Odors in living rooms could come from dirty curtains or drapes. Drapes could smell a lot when they are touched by water. Check the curtains, sniff them thoroughly.

5. Smelly fridges

It is not enough to pack food items into the fridge, imagine stocking all kinds of fish and soups in your fridge for two straight months. A quick open of the fridge door and the smell its your nose. That unpleasant smell might stick around much longer than you would have liked even after shutting the door of the fridge. You can deodorize  a refrigerator . Place a bowl of baking soda in the middle shelf. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) has this chemical property that enables it absorb odors. You could also  slice a lemon and leave the two halves in a shelf in the fridge. The lemon will help override the odors with a fruity scent.

6. Babies and kids

From wet diapers, wipes to wet cots and baby pajamas. Any of these things could give the room (or even the whole house) a unique other, meaning a child is around. Still, that odor is unpleasant. Apart from regularly cleaning up babies and changing diapers. Remember to rub sweet smelling oils and dry powder unto your baby’s skin, it keeps him or her smelling fresh.

7. Getting rid of bathroom and toilet odors.

Nobody likes bathroom odors, toilet odors are worse. They can make you lose the zeal to urinate or use the loo. Regularly cleaning your bathroom and toilet bowls will help. Avoid urinating on the floor, and flush the toilet after each use. Urine decomposes easily and smells a lot worse as it decomposes. Remove damp cloths and towels, dry your towels outside after each use, avoid leaving them in the bathroom.

8. Mattress

After a few months of use, your mattress might acquire odors from accumulated sweat and other fluids. Take them out and air them periodically. Wash your bed covers and pillow covers regularly too.

9. Smelly shoes

It is normal for well worn shoes to stink as they have probably absorbed a lot of sweat. Take the smelly shoes outside, wash your feet and dry then shoes.

10. Use Air Freshners

There are quite a lot of air refreshers available in stores. There are different types and different brands. Get a good air refresher (solid, liquid, spray, auto spray). If you are away very often and you need to come home to meet the right smell, you can opt for an auto spray air fresher.  Remember  use the right flavors too. Air refreshers don’t get rid off the smell from the source, they fight it. The smell is still there, but you may not notice because the air fresher overrides all weaker odors. Things might get bad if the odor for one reason gets stronger.


That is it for getting rid of odors in your home. This is how we do it at Mati Cau Limited. Feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget you can contact an interior designer at Mati Cau Limited.


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