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How To Create A Personal Home Gym Space

Why Personal Home Gym…?

Do you live in Lagos or any other busy city in Nigeria? Have you struggled to keep up with your daily workout schedule because you dash out early in the morning and back very tied at night? Maybe you’re a busy mom and you find the travel time associated with getting to and from your local workout center affecting the amount of time you need to take care of your home chores? Or let’s say you are simply fed up with paying through the nose for commercial GYM facilities that you barely have time to use?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, it may be the time to consider creating your very own personal home gym space.

Before you do, though, a word of caution: Having a home gym can be great for convenience, but it isn’t for everyone. Some people draw genuine motivation from the group environment of the social gym. They enjoy the expert classes and find respite from working out in gym chat. If that sounds like you, no matter how convenient training at home may sound, it’s probably not for you.

Having a personal home gym space is a great way to save money and ensure that you never have an excuse to skip a workout, but many people are hesitant to invest in a home gym because they aren’t sure if they have extra space for a gym in their home. But the good news is that you can make space to exercise at home by transforming your extra square footage into a workout zone. No worries if you don’t have a bonus room. Even a nook or empty corner just big enough for your kind of training could become a spot to work up a sweat. These ideas for fitting a gym into your home will get you inspired.

With those points considered, now let’s take you by the hand and show you how to create a budget-friendly personal home gym space fast…

1) Use a Corner of Your Bedroom

bedroom gym space

Take a look around your bedroom: With a little repositioning of bedroom furniture, you may be able to clear out a large enough corner for a basic personal home gym. The caveat is that ground-floor bedrooms tend to work far better for small home gym ideas than those located on the upper floors, where a home gym may be too noisy. When looking for home gym ideas, be sure to see if your bedroom will work.

2) Set Up Attic Room (Paint-House)

paint house gym space

Take a look at the other available spaces around your home, too! If you have a relatively unused paint-house or attic room, these could be potential personal home gym spots just waiting to be built up into the perfect exercise area. Take all that junk out of your attic and turn it into a home gym. Good interior designers can turn a dark attic room into a sun-drenched space that both kids and parents can enjoy.

3) Make Use of Your Hallway Space

Hall way gym space

A wide hallway at the top of the stairs is an ideal spot to create a personal home gym space. In the picture shown above, a townhouse remodeled by Built In Studio, the recessed lighting, and white walls brighten the windowless nook. So, if you have an empty hallway like the one shown above, you already have a personal home gym space to feature your dream gym and get the sweat pop.

4) Create a Living Room Cardio

Living cardio - personal home gym space

Keeping a cardio machine in your living room is no longer a decorating faux pas. for instance, having this sleek spinning bike on display in your living room may encourage you to work out more often. Unlike a basement or garage gym, keeping your conditioning equipment in one of the most used spots in your home may make it harder to skip exercising.

5) Convert & Use Your Old Garage

Garage gym space

These days in Nigeria, car garages are less trendy than it was before the Millenium. Having your luxury car(s) strategically packed inside the open compound adds its own touch of elegance to the entire house design, thereby making inbuilt garage fast on the decline. So, if you happen to have one of those old garages somewhere within your compound, then that’s a great asset you can use to create a personal home gym space. With a little creative interior design, you can turn the space into a gorgeous, super functional, and fashionable home gym.

6) Use Your Spare Bedroom

spare bedroom space

Most people have extra rooms in their homes seating ideal, but with simple decor tricks, you can turn an empty room into an open and airy personal home gym space for your daily workout.

Putting it all together

Arguably, a home gym is perceived as a luxury. However, if you have specific workout goals but are too busy to achieve them due to the time constraints, then a home gym is rightly the best solution for you. On that note, designing a personal home gym space is a no brainer.

Unlike commercial gyms, a home gym can be designed to include finer details that suit personal needs such as the installation of sound and visual systems that one can control with ease; encrypting motivational messages or putting up posters to create a more enabling and inspiring workout environment and having the ability to move equipment freely. Needless to say, being at home allows you to dress comfortably without judging eyes.

Most importantly, Interior design aspects of a properly designed home gym could go a long way in keeping you motivated, focused and fit. It is, therefore, crucial to pay particular attention to home gym designs and setting up the most brilliant design on the basis of personal needs and desires. You can talk to us today for a quick consultation on how to create your own personal home gym space.

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