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How To Create A Perfect Exterior Home Design

To create a perfect exterior home design isn’t a job for everyone. Creating a home that stands out is easy, but making it blend properly with its environment is a job reserved for the pros. Exterior design is not all about the color, hue of the paint or planting flowers all over the place. A thorough understanding of the geometric appeal of different shapes is necessary. Driving down a street in an uptown estate, there are homes that will make you take more than a second look through your rear-view. The ability of that building to capture your interest is likely because the exterior designers obeyed simple, basic principles of design and combined them with a little creativity. Now let’s take a quick look at 8 basic design principles you shouldn’t ignore if you want to design exteriors like a pro.

1) Balance Shapes with Symmetry

Just like other aspects of design, a perfect exterior home design requires symmetry and balance. Every part of the building requires some balance and symmetry if it has to appeal to the human sense. There are numerous ways to achieve balance in a home, whether the designer has chosen to flank the main entrance door with large rectangular windows mounted on wooden frames, or the preferred choice is to use pointy rooftops, the goal is to make sure nothing is out of place.

2) The Right Exterior Color Combinations

Color is key. The human eye reacts to light in two ways: direct light and light reflected through color. This can confuse even very good exterior designers. You just need to understand that the right color combination can do a lot of good including drawing positive attention and drawing attention to flaws in the design. Don’t be scared, you can go bold or you could just be subtle. To play it safe, select two shades of the same color. Either the lighter shade could be used for the main walls (the larger surface areas), and the darker shade could be used for the trim (such as window lintels, door frames). Or you could do it the other. Whichever way you choose, the accent color is actually punctuating the general theme of the design. If you do this well, the effects can be outstanding even on a simple budget.

3) Choosing the Right Roof

Roofs come in different shapes, types, and prices. Quality is different too. Choosing the right roofing sheets to rig together goes beyond what you have in mind and aesthetics, consider price too. In Nigeria, the most popular type of roofing is aluminum roofing. There are also other options that offer more modern, feature-rich designs including Metcoppo, step-tiles and some others.

4) Form Should Reflect Function

What you intend to use the home for is what determines the features. Yeah, maybe you are a photographer or artist with a need to let in controlled daylight for your work. You will need to use large windows that let in a huge amount of precious daylight and after which of course you would need to consider ways to filter and control that light on the inside directing it into the right corners. Maybe you want a home that gives you peace and satisfaction when you look out at the premises through the window or porch, you will need to consider placing wooding furniture in your garden, on the porch or at the end of an out-facing hallway. Yes, you will need objects, plants, flowers, trees, fanciful artifacts to focus on as you appreciate the beauty of the sunset.

Consider all your family’s needs and then decide what is required in your home in order to accommodate those needs.

5) Design an Amazing Entryway

In most cases, this is where a lot of exterior designers miss it. The right entry/walkway pulls in not just the eyes but leads the legs forward too. This is determined by a lot of factors ranging from the elements used to line up the sides of the walkway to the color of the main entrance door. There also other things to consider, including lighting, porch seating arrangement, doorknobs and the interior lighting contrast caused by light from then inside wafting out.

6) Light up Your Home

Lights, lights, lights. Don’t let your design get lost in oblivion.

Don’t let your home fade into the darkness. Proper lighting is paramount for home safety and nighttime appeal. Aside from the obvious light fixtures that straddle your doorways and garage doors, there are other outdoor lights that should be placed around your home.

Choose lights that mimic the style of your home. Traditional homes look great with lantern-style chandeliers hanging over a covered entryway or flanking the garage.  Angular steel lights add appeal to the entryway of modern homes. Then you must consider what other features of your home could use some nighttime light.

7) Pick the Right Windows

Windows are not just there for functionality or just to make the house airy. Windows are like openings to the soul of the home, shining light and breathing life into every pure activity or moment shared with the walls of that home. First, windows just like roofs and doors are made from durable material, this you should consider before considering style and size. It is a modern trend for homes to have these large rectangular windows. However, you can still integrate small windows into your designs. In Nigeria, 87% of most windows come with a layer of net to keep out angry insects, then there is the choice of using sliding, tinted glass mounted on aluminum panes. You could consider mounting small flower vases at window corners. The exterior colors of windows should match or at least compliment them total color theme. Using a lighter or darker shade of the main color to paint your window lintels will create an amazing, yet simple appeal.

8) Plant the Seasonal flowers

Give your visitors something that appeals to their vision and lets them relax even before you bring them in and offer them a seat. Flowers can help you do this. The right flowers anyway. Do a little research with a horticulturist, find out the right flowers you could plant at the current time of the year, also make sure you choose the right scented flowers to avoid displeasing your visitors or attracting rodents. If going natural and having to tend to flowers every morning and evening isn’t your things, consider artificial plants. They are cheap anyway and last longer without any maintenance.

In Summary:

Designing your home’s exterior tends to be a complicated job, but is well worth in the long run. Your home’s exterior plays a vital role in the first impression that your house leaves on your neighbors or potential buyers. It is not an easy job, but you also have the option of hiring an exterior designer from Mati Cau Ltd. Consulting a pro will help you avoid costly mistakes and leave you with more time on your hands to enjoy your home.

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