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EYL Diffusers & Car Aroma

Droplets emitted from our patented devices are in the size of nanoparticles. Droplets with a diameter as small as one percent of the droplets produced by conventional spray systems and as light as one millionth are completely dry. Droplets emitted from spray systems can remain suspended in the air for an average of 2 minutes, while ultra-light nano droplets can remain suspended in the air for up to 14 hours.

With ultrasonic technology, EYL Aroma Diffusers create a refreshing and relaxing effect. Creates positive feelings with wonderful EYL aroma scents. Since EYL essences do not contain any chemicals, alcohol, LPG, they do not cause toxic burning. And the Car Aroma, makes your vehicle smell constantly by emitting healthy and aromatic scents. To order or for enquiries, click on the WhatsApp button below.

Ceramique Diffuser

EYL Lotus Diffuser

EYL Keops Diffuser

EYL Car Aroma

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