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Curtains and Drapes – How long should they be?


Have you ever wondered how full, long or short your curtains, drapes or rods should be? Here are a few ideas you should incorporate when next you’re getting new curtains or drapes.

A beautiful window treatment should provide privacy, filter sunlight and warmth while bringing style to your space. It is therefore important to get the correct window, curtains and drapes measurement before you choose the perfect curtain or drape for your space.

Choosing the rod length: A perfect and elegant curtain or drape should have its rod extended 3 to 6 inches past the window frame i.e. 3 inches on the left and 3 inches on the right.

Choosing your curtains or drapes length: In choosing or deciding what length your drapes or curtains should be, you will need to consider the design style you hope to achieve and what feel you want, if you want a formal or informal atmosphere.

Here are four ways your curtain and drapes length can be:

ABOVE SILL: These curtains or drapes hang above the sill typically sitting 1 cm above the windowsill. Giving the room a more relaxed and casual look. I recommend this type for your kitchen window or spaces with a frame or heater below

BELOW SILL: These curtains end roughly 15 cm below the windowsill. This gives the room an informal look; you may want to consider this if your design style is more country-style like or for a simple baby girl or boy room, so your toddlers don’t pull down the curtains or hide around them.

FLOOR LENGTH: This style should end 1 cm above the floor or 1 or 2 cm on the floor depending on the design style of the space. This style creates a formal and structural yet elegant look. They are usually eye catching and they allow the fabric to create a huge impact in the space. Using fabrics with colours in your colour scheme will help the room synchronize, one tip is using same fabric for your curtain and throw pillow in a living room.

BELOW FLOOR LENGTH: This style does not look as neat as the floor length curtains or drapes and they come with high maintenance, as you will have to dress it into place whenever its opened or closed and it gets dirty fast and not forgetting if you have kids around they could trip easily while around; they also tend to attract toddlers. Aside all that, they really look romantic and slightly extravagant. You might want to use this style if you have curtains or drapes that look beautiful and you don’t want to alter them. Yes they are OK to use, even when just over the floor by an inch or can pool over the floor by 4 inches or 6 inches.


Ever wondered the difference between curtains and drapes? A common role for displaying drapes probably says the width of the curtains should be at least 2 times the width of your window or 3 times depending on choice of fullness. Drapes are formal, usually a heavier fabric, lined or backed by another material (i.e. one side for the window and one side for the room) and more elaborate. Curtains are informal, made with light weight materials and often unlined or of a single layer. For curtains the fabrics are usually gathered while drapes are pleated. When selecting a specific curtain or drape style the determining factor are your home decoration style and which room you choose to hang the curtains or drapes.

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