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Curtains and Blinds – Choosing which to use

Choosing the right window covering for a room is as important as every other decision you make in furnishing other parts of the room. In this post, we’ll be taking a close look at these popular items used for window treatments. Curtains and Blinds. It is just normal for most people to never give a second thought about the right choice of covering for those mostly square holes, for a lot of people its usually a curtain. Remember we are not dealing with drapes here. Drapes are longer than curtains; and are made with much thicker and heavier fabric. Except you don’t have any intention of properly sealing your room and preventing it from getting invaded by ‘rogue noise’, pesky light and even human eyes; then you need will need to make the right choice. Don’t worry, we’ll be considering a lot of factors, from your decors to your budget.

More Space Vs Enhancement

Curtains have been around much longer than than blinds. For centuries they have been used not just to cover windows but to enhance interior decoration. Even now, the choice most times tips in favor of curtains because they can make a room look less-bare. The right fabric colors can enhance the color effect created in a room. Curtains can effectively be used to balance colors. They are easy to gather up and fold allowing more light into the room, yet their presence will be felt. Blinds on the other hand use less space, are less auspicious and can be opened completely without stress.

So what do we think? Curtains will easily win here, especially if you do not have much interior decor options apart from the wall paint and perhaps a flower vase. 

Light Control

Lets not forget that whatever choice we pick should be able to totally or partially block light. Its very much possible to do this with curtains. Depending on the kind of materials used, curtains can easily spread out and cover the whole length of the window. The  thicker the fabric, the better for blocking more light. However, curtains are not so flexible, you would have to change the curtains entirely if you wanted to block light properly. Changing fabrics isn’t the best option here so let us look at what blinds can do. The slats of blinds can be adjusted easily, moving through so many different angles, to completely or partially allow any amount of light into a room or just completely seal the room off. It is just a matter of choice.

What we think: For light coverage, you can try curtains. If you feel you won’t have the need for light control at any point at all, try curtains. Otherwise, go for blinds.

Noise Control

For noise control, curtains are much more better than blinds. The tiny gaps between the slats of the blinds could allow a great deal of noise filter through. Except you are backing them up with solid glass. Also on a windy day, blinds can really make you uncomfortable with their noise. It is either the whole set is hitting the wall, or the slats are freely hitting themselves.

What we think: If you stay in a noisy neighborhood, and you are not a big fan of all the racket. Go for thick curtains.


Curtains (especially thick ones) are very good for maintaining room temperatures. Blinds form a natural barrier against wind and cold. You might have to consider other factors previously talked about before making a decision at this point.


How about cleaning? Well depending on the kind of material. Curtains are easier to clean by washing. They get really dirty quickly too because they tend to come in contact with a lot of things. As for blinds. Blinds are much more difficult to clean once dust or dirt gets caught in-between the slats. Well, the only difference among the different kind of blinds is roller blinds. Roller blinds roll up or down to reveal the window totally or partially or seal it. Roller blinds are mostly made from thick fabric rolled around a rod. You can dry clean or hand wash roller blinds very easily. However, comparing the price of blinds with made-to-measure curtains / custom-made curtains.

What about budget? This varies, depending on what you are getting. the price of curtains vary depending on the kind of fabric and quality. Lighter curtains are cheaper. The thicker the fabric the higher the quality (in most cases) and the higher the price.  Some curtains have different types of fabric on each side. Usually the interior-facing side might have thicker fabric sewn into it.  Blinds are much more costly. Roller blinds are the cheapest type of blinds.

What we think: If you just don’t fancy stress, go for curtains and dry clean them when they get dirty. If you insist on blinds, then try roller blinds.

Summary: Blinds Pros and Cons

Blinds Pros

  • Lots of colors and designs available
  • Can effectively block out strong wind and cold.
  • Cheaper than made to measure curtains
  • Cleaner, more minimal interior design feel
  • More durable than curtains
  • Can be used anywhere in home
  • Can filter in light
  • Very suitable for certain areas of the home like bathrooms and toilets.

Blinds Cons

  • Not as good at completely blocking out light
  • Not very good at blocking out noise completely.
  • Much more expensive than curtains, except in rare cases.
  • Difficult to clean, except roller blinds.

Summary: Curtains Pros and Cons

Curtains Pros

  • Lots of colors and designs available
  • More textures available
  • Different thickness options (eg. sheer curtains or thick, heavy, thermal-backed curtains)
  • Can retain heat and humidity in a room.
  • Can get cheap , light material, depending on need
  • Good for creating a a particular atmosphere interior design
  • Blackout curtains better for blocking out light. Much better than blinds.

Curtains Cons

  • Not as durable as blinds
  • Made-to-measure curtains more expensive than made-to-measure blinds
  • Most not suitable for bathrooms/kitchens
  • Can reduce energy saving if covering radiators
  • Can’t filter in light; must be either open or closed
  • Can become mouldy, stained or moth-eaten, very easily attracts dirt and dust.
  • Curtains made from very heavy material might be much harder to clean.

Still torn between either of the two? A good interior decorator can guide you on the best choice to take when looking at the options of curtains and blinds, considering all these factors. You can also contact us at Mati Cau Limited. Our rates are cheap and our interior designers are experienced and creative. You can use the live chat to discourse with an online rep. You can call our quick lines:

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