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Interior design

Interior designing

Interior Designers Vs Interior Decorators

Everything You Need To Know About The Difference Between Interior Designers And Interior Decorators Introduction: Interior designing is the art and science of understanding people’s lifestyle, behaviours and needs to create functional spaces within a building, While interior decorating is the furnishing of a space with fashionable and beautiful accessories and furniture. Interior designers can …

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How To Create Powerful Lighting Effect at Home

  The Concept of Lighting Mati Cau Limited shows you how to create a powerful Lighting Effect at Home, with basic understanding tof he different options you have for lighting so that you too can flick on awesome effects with switches. Humans have evolved a lot visually. Our dominant sense is sight and we have …

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Bathroom overhauling/renovation

Easy tips to adding spark to your bathroom designs. When it comes to a stunning bathroom design, the inspiration is never ending. The best way to begin with designing your bathroom is to first get inspired. A stunning bathroom would create a clean and simplistic feel. When designing your bathroom make sure to use geometric …

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