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Best Home Gift Ideas For Your Guest This Xmas

Great News, CHRISTMAS is here again!

If you’re a home decor enthusiast or you’ve got that kind of person on your Christmas list this year, we’ve got the best home gift ideas for you. Whether you want to decorate your own space this holiday or give a gift to someone special, home decor can add a touch of style to every abode for years to come. You’ll find something for everyone with our top home decor Christmas gift ideas.

When it comes to holiday shopping, there is nothing worse than wandering around a retail store for the perfect gift or browsing online for hours on end without any real direction. This year, put a bit more thought into your holiday shopping strategy. Holiday gift-giving is the perfect time to express your style and creativity, and show appreciation for the special person in your life.

If you ask us, it’s never too early to start planning your shopping list, especially if you’re hoping to impress a home decor enthusiast. Whether you’re shopping for someone who lives for entertaining or a loved one who needs a few unique accessories to inject personality into their space, you’re in luck.

Below you’ll find myriad home decor gift ideas perfect for everyone on your list. Whether it’s someone you love dearly or a co-worker you hardly know, there’s something great in this home decor gift guide.

1) Wall Art

Help bring life to a room with eye-catching wall decor. Modern metal wall art, chic black-and-white photography prints, or colorful canvas art prints will give any wall a unique look. When giving a wall art gift, take a look around your friend’s home before giving new wall decor, and make sure the gift you give will coordinate with the colors and design of their home.

2) Decorative Candles

Decorative candles

When choosing the best home gift ideas for Xmas, ensure to add the gift of candles to make the season merry and bright. Candles come in a variety of styles to create a warm, welcoming environment in any home that lasts long after the yule log has burned away. Decorative candles make for elegant table centerpieces; LED candles offer soft, flameless ambient light; and scented candles spread cheer and fragrance. Pine and cinnamon are soothing holiday aromas to de-stress your giftee, or you can opt for frankincense and myrrh to celebrate joyous tidings. Christmas colors, like ruby red and hunter green, can mimic mistletoe and holly, and accents in creamy neutrals are the best home gifts for a timeless, sophisticated look.

3) Luxury Vases

Luxury Vases - Home gift ideas

Vases can be used for more than holding fresh flowers, and they always add a pop of color or texture to any style of home. Fill a clear glass vase with decorative holiday elements such as berries or crunchy fries before you give your gift, or place a candle inside a wide-top vase for an elegant candleholder. A small vase can be used to decorate any type of shelving, and it makes a perfect focal point when grouped with smaller accents in a centerpiece design. Add height with dried flowers, such as lavender, for a crisp, wintery effect.

4) Modern Kitchen Tools

home gift ideas

It takes a long time to stock your first kitchen, especially with stuff that’s going to last. For that friend who needs basics, think a can opener, potato peeler, juicer or corkscrew. If you want to get fancier, you could go for a garlic press, a potato masher, or a pastry cutter. Maybe throw in a pretty tea towel for some color.

5) Throw Pillows

home gift ideas

Funny, right…? But not at all. This great home gift ideas for Christmas combines comfort and style. Throw pillows don’t just complement a couch — they’re also an easy way to transform a room into a cozy winter hideaway. Throw pillows are generally inexpensive, so it’s possible to get a variety of snug seasonal textures and festive jewel tones without breaking the bank. The best home decor gifts bring in plush, high-pile fabrics to create a warm retreat from the chilly outdoors.

Final Thoughts…

It’s the thought that counts” Just, as you’ll see from these picks, it’s really not money, but thoughtfulness, that distinguishes a so-so gift from a great one. So, If you’re gifting home decor to someone you know, consider their personality. Think about what’s already in their home. Do they have a lot of photos around? A-frame might be a great gift. Have they been complaining about the broken lamp in their den? You could always replace it with one you think they’d like. These are the gifts that can be a little more personal to the receiver of the gift.

You can also contact us for a one-on-one session, to help you strategize on the best possible home decor ideas that your guest will love.

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