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Bathroom overhauling/renovation

Easy tips to adding spark to your bathroom designs.

When it comes to a stunning bathroom design, the inspiration is never ending. The best way to begin with designing your bathroom is to first get inspired.

A stunning bathroom would create a clean and simplistic feel. When designing your bathroom make sure to use geometric shapes and patterns (a shape or pattern consisting of lines and geometric figures), cleanliness, less colours and mid-century furniture. With these in place, your bathroom can become a modern sanctuary for both comfort and cleanliness.

Because the bathroom is a place we use every day, its importance is greater than what we give it credit for. Bathroom design in recent times has gone beyond the space limit. Modern designs transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces.

Keeping it simple is a rule for modern design. Make sure you are designing an open organic space free of clutters. Use shelves and cabinetry built -in wall to hide unwanted personal items. If enough space, build a mini store locker for toiletries and novelty items; you should leave these items out of your bathroom if you have minimum space. Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and cleanliness; do not clutter it up with unnecessary things. Select tiles and back splash with geometric shapes and pattern to add character while keeping it simple.

For a simplistic bathroom decor follow these rules:

  1. Arrange frame geometric shaped mirrors on the walls.
  2. Place a small white artificial flowerpot on shelves to add an organic feel.
  3. You should showcase concrete and wood elements
  4. Skip the pop off colour and go for white and grey.

Balance is the key, so keep things symmetrical and sharp by strategically placing your tub in a spot that enhances the bathroom. There are oval shape bathtubs, rectangular or pedestal tub. You can try either of them; don’t get stock on the traditional oval shaped bathtub, since the rectangle shaped bathtub is just as elegant.

Note that adding a touch of greenery in your bathroom design creates a connection between the indoor and the outdoor. As in the Arts and craft era.

Walk in shower with pebble tiles: This is another great way to add a feel of nature and warmness to your bathroom. Picture you walking into your bathroom shower with pebbles tiles flooring, or even on an accent wall just behind the shower head, I already see myself cruising, such a calming and relaxing feel.

For your Bathroom lighting:

Selection of lighting is an actual part of designing a modern bathroom. There are so many lighting choices at your disposal. Keep in mind when shopping for light fixtures windows and blinds, that modern design is all about lines and geometric shapes. This reminder will help you make the right choices. Also note that the quality of the light is more important than the actual lighting fixtures. Skylights are great ideas for your bathroom, because they add more natural feel and excitement to your bathroom space.

Black and white bathroom: We often look at black as not a proper shade for bathrooms because it can make a space look small. But if you are looking for a timeless classic look, that also makes you feel like you are entering a secret cave for a relaxing feel, then touches of black can be an excellent choice. Note that black never goes out of fashion or trend, so using black guarantees your design and decor doesn’t go stale. With a few decor tweaks here and there, occasionally you can refresh a black bathroom at a low cost. You could also mix your black bathroom walls with wallpaper to reduce the overwhelming effect and give the space a nice ambience.

Blue bathroom: Blue is also a nice colour to use in your bathroom. The psychological effect of blue is calming. A blue bathroom will keep you calm and relaxed while in there, reminiscent of the sky and water. You can use blue as an accent wall or floor with other harmonious or complementary colours or as the main one.

Thinking of overhauling your small, dark and uninspiring bathroom? Are you worried you don’t have enough space to fit in all the numerous design ideas? Do you want a big vanity cabinet? These few tips will guide you when embarking on a renovation or working on your new bathroom design.

First, you don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think you do; Consider how those large bathroom cabinets under the sink are usually an inefficient use of space in a small bathroom. Using a small beautiful Cabinet under sink instead or a narrow open shelve is a better choice for a small bathroom. You really don’t need a big bathroom vanity to store what you can keep in your store.

Also using shapes and pattern in a small bathroom can add depth and play to a space, creating an illusion of more size and life. Using mirrors instead of walls can also create an illusion of a large space; just remember to choose a mirror that is treated to withstand moisture. At Mati Cau Limited, we keep a lot in mind when we work with you to create your dream space.

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