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Accent Walls And What They Can Do For You

Home styling trends come and go, but one trend that seems to have found some staying power is the accent wall. Creating a wall that stands out in the home, whether it be painted a different shade or color completely, or is wall papered or has some other treatment, looks great in some homes but is not for everyone.

Accent walls can be a powerful design choice in your home. Rather than having yourself enclosed in a room, surrounded with walls of the same plain color, an accent wall design picks one particular wall and gives it an entirely different color shade or design.

An accent wall is one wall that is a different color than the other walls in a room, sometimes even a different texture. It is usually the first wall you see when entering the room, adding character and depth to the room or helping divide spaces. Generally, it should be used with the focal point of the room, not by itself or detracting from the focal point. In some cases, it might not be the entire wall, but instead a portion, like surrounding a fireplace. The surface of an accent wall can be made from a variety of materials: paint, paper,wood, brick, marble even glass or could be created by gluing collector’s items on the wall.

The power of accent walls lies in its contrast. The good thing about them is that, you don’t have to paint them in plain colors, well you can if you want to, but you have the option of adding extra layers of design on the wall paint. They break up the traditional look of having four walls that are painted the same color. Accent walls have to be powerful enough to draw your eye to a particular part of the room. And they give you a chance to play around with color in your house in a new way.

It’s easy to go wrong with an accent wall. Colors that don’t compliment each other, shades that are too dark or light for the room and hues that are just too distracting for the eye are things that can cause problems with your design. The good news is, you can always paint over it and try something else. It’s a great feature to play around with in your home.


1. Accent walls attract attention…in a powerful way: An accent wall is usually the first thing you see when you enter a room and they can heighten interest. A carefully created accent wall can increase the appeal of the interior decor of any room or office by over 40%.

2. Cheap to create and design: Accent walls just need one thing: creativity. An accent wall could just be created by picking a darker shade from the general color of a room. You could plaster the wall or attach anything to the wall to just make it different. It doesn’t take much stress, just choice.

3. You could use any sort of material: For some people, the first item that comes to their mind once they make the choice of having an accent wall is t o use a huge, attractive wall paper. But that is not the only option, you could use a collage of small bits of paper or glue confetti on the wall. You could opt for a really colorful mural of abstract art. The choices are endless.

4. Space separation: A huge space in a room could be separated into two spaces with an accent wall. If you think a room is big enough to split into two without installing a partition, use an accent wall.

5. Easy to change and redesign: The idea of an accent wall is that the design isn’t supposed to last more than three years, well, except its a masterpiece. You can change the design, color or add some other items on it. You don’t have to be married to the same paint for ages.

Other advantages of painting an accent wall in your room:

  • Adds more color to a room, bringing variety and individuality
  • Gives you a chance to use a bolder color without overwhelming the room
  • Creates a focal point in the room


Accent walls great, but could cause ‘visual havoc’ if not implemented properly. If not done properly, accent walls could be distracting, or just turn the whole section of that room into an eye sore. Sometimes accent walls are not meant to stand out, especially in formal environments (for example an office). In cases like this, a good accent wall design should complete the design. A very bright color tone on an accent wall can create an unbalanced style.


Does an accent wall belong in a bedroom? That is a question a lot of people might ask. Sure an accent wall could add a lot of appeal to your room, but you will need to carefully consider the structure of your room. Obviously, the right place to paint an accent wall should be behind the head of the bed or at the foot of the bead. Painting one on a side wall is a little bit off.

What about colors?

To be on the safe side, at Mati Cau Limited, we suggest using a darker shade rather than an entirely different color. Or you could just go for plain white paint. If you are using wall papers, use papers that blend with mood of the room.

If you’re looking for something bolder, consider…

  • A bright color that matches a pillow or lamp in your room
  • An accent color in your rug or bedspread
  • A color that matches the sofa or artwork in your bedroom
  • A color you love, which won’t clash with anything in the room


This is a great example of how an accent wall can really set the mood of the room. That deep purple color and those stunning lights make this bedroom as sensual as can be.
Here is an interesting way to create an accent wall. The room’s walls are all painted the same color. The accent wall is the same color. What’s different is that it has a wallpaper pattern on it to make it stand out.
Most people think of accent walls as adding one bold color to a white room. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose one color for three of your walls and another for your accent walls and make it work like we see here.


Be bold! Remember: you can make changes without being married to the design or so financially invested. Walk into the project knowing the look could be short-lived. This will add more flexibility to your concept.

• Think about the use of the space: A maroon wall in an otherwise beige room might not be as becoming as a trendy wallpaper. Always make an intentional statement with your choice.

• Consider color carefully: Colors can create or destroy emotions. Use colors that compliment the general design of the room not redesign it.

• Go big or go home! Accessories are a key part of a trendy outfit, right? Such is the case for your accent wall. Framed art or decorations? Do you have collages, collector’s items, sculptures? Add them.

Accent walls can be tricky to figure out if you don’t know where to start. Once you figure out the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, the rest is only limited by your desire and creativity! Remember to contact a designer at Mati Cau Limited if you need ideas on how to create accent walls for your homes, halls, offices or any open spaces. I mean – accent walls that stand out.

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